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Jay Paul’s Bio

I’m 22 years old and basically an adrenaline junky. I’m 2 times Golden Gloves Boxing champion, regional boxing champion, and undefeated MMA fighter. I love to hunt, fish and just about any outdoor activities. I love teaching my son how to hunt, fish and to be a good person. My son and my family are the most important part of my life. I strongly believe in my Native American culture and their rituals. I’m always looking for a good challenge, but I put God first in everything that I set out to do. I started boxing when I was six years old. I was always the smallest, always the youngest. My dad always said, look you need to learn how to fight cause it’s gonna get rough at that age. I started fighting as a way to keep my time occupied because being hyper like I was I would be getting into some thing. I needed something to control my thoughts and keep me active always. It was just a good past time, and everybody was boxing. Everybody did the same thing so it was just like something we all did. My Uncle Elsie is still my trainer. He always wanted me to do boxing. He always did follow me, he always did encourage me, he always seen something in me. He always pushed me to my limits, made sure I was working hard, made sure I was doing everything right. As an uncle I don’t look at his as just an uncle. He’s my coach. In the gym we’re family but we’re not family. He’s the boss… It’s family that helps each other but it’s all BS aside it’s business. I guess that you want to know about hunting alligators: With fishing gators you don’t know what your getting into on that line… And you don’t know what that opponent has in store for you so you never underestimate anything with fighting, fishing gators or anything, you can never underestimate. As soon as you underestimate something, something is going to happen, something will go wrong. So the best thing to do is expect the worst and hope for the best.